Message from the President


        My name is Denis Zhirovetskiy and I started Adeptcore, Inc. in early 2016 to provide an all in one Information Technology consulting company for local businesses. I want to provide best in class service with dedicated consultants assigned to each of our customers. One of my goals for Adeptcore, Inc. is to produce an easy to understand approach to the complex world of Information Technology and Security. With my experience in the industry, and customer service space. This company would have not been possible without the support of my wife Tania, and our two dogs Brutus and Rosey; Along with family and friends who believed in us from the very beginning. Because this company means everything to me, and my associates, I want you to feel the excitement we have for this industry, and I will do everything in my power to make your experience great with a company I love.

  I look forward to working with you in our future!                                                                                                 

                                                                                                       Denis Zhirovetskiy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Founding President

Who is Adeptcore, Inc.?

Adeptcore, Inc. is a professional services provider in the Information technology sector focusing solely on business to business relationships. We are a group of young entrepreneurs who have one vision in sight; that is to provide more efficient solutions, and generate a cost savings for you, the client. Adeptcore, Inc. was started by Denis Zhirovetskiy in early 2016 to fulfill his dream of running his own business centered around his love of technology. Denis started work in the IT industry from an early age and has over 10 years of experience in repair and service.


What is Adeptcore, Inc.?

Adeptcore, Inc. is a new competitor in the managed services space, and managed security market. We as a company strive to provide managed service and security integrations to business clientele in the small to medium business market. Our mission is to provide information technology solutions using industry best practices, and our own professional expertise in the information technology sector.


Why Adeptcore, Inc.?

Adeptcore broken down stands for “Professional. Focus.” It’s the core of people in our company that are working to provide a professional, and focused strategy and solution to impact our clients, partners, and vendors. As a company we are only as good as our weakest link, and our name would have no meaning if our employees, partners, and/or vendors did not share the vision of  focused strategies that we do as a company and as individuals. You'll always hear it straight, because we want to provide the best.

Our Team

Our team is what sets us apart from the competition. From the best in class support staff, and knowledgeable consultants; To the Sales leaders that makes our dream a possibility for all of us. Every single department has a meaningful role to the entire organization. We have three main departments in the company: Support, Service and Consulting. Sales and Account Management and Implementations.


Support, Service and Consulting

This department is what makes our company stand out. The service department will bring you our solutions and technical expertise in all areas of the Information Technology world including new IT initiatives. They will listen to the problem, and follow industry best practices to resolve all issues and tasks that come their way. They use ITIL to manage, respond to, and triage incidents. Be it billing questions or technical help they are the Go-To team to multitask for you, and provide our customers with on-time resolutions.

Sales and Account Management

This team engages new clients providing pricing, analysis of client needs, and works with our service department to develop a complete solution to the suggested clientele. They build relationships from the ground up, and develop those clients into satisfied partnerships. They work with every facet of our organization to bring our clients the quality of service that they deserve.

Project Management and Implementations

This group works with our sales team to provide a project plan for all implementations, assists with quoting, and communicates with vendors. They research new solutions, and provide project plan details to the sales team so they can provide quotes and sales orders to the clients. This process can occur for new clients, as well as existing clients. Once a project gets the go ahead from the sales team, this group will organize the project, communicate with the client, and service department to implement the requested scope of work.