How can managed IT services save me money?

You’re a business owner, most of your time is spent on the delicate task of running a business. Got payroll to meet, accounts to balance, Mary’s computer won’t turn on and Jerry is late with the report you needed last week for a client.  These hurdles all seem like something that happens on a weekly basis and since this is your business it becomes your problem. You as the business owner have to know how to balance your books, why Mary’s computer won’t turn on, where the heck is Jerry's report ooo and don’t forget payroll is due at 2 pm.


You wear a lot of hats as a small business owner. We completely understand your budget is tight and business must get done. Calling a consultant to fix the computer costs $150 an hour to figure out why your calendar invite never made it  and Jerry spends 2 hours on the phone frustrated with a support person who just does not get it.

These items cost you and your employees a lot of time and money. How much more successful would your business be if Mary was always productive signing new sales orders while Jerry was able to prepare all the documents you need before you went to meet with your clients? With efficiency comes success.

Adeptcore, Inc. a small IT service provider from Palatine Illinois understands your needs. You want everything and you want it yesterday like those reports. We analyze your business practices, we look at how your employees work and we see what you really want. You want a faster computer, nope! You also don’t want a consultant to be at your office all the time. You just want a working and productive environment so you can focus on doing what you love to do and that’s running your business.

We manage your IT needs so these issues don’t come up. So, the next time a server crashes we will have your backups running before your even able to call us to say your server died last night. Its okay our technician was notified last night and is waiting by your door of your office to open so that we can get you back in business.


Don’t waste your time and money waiting for things to get fixed. Instead rely on a trusted partner like Adeptcore, Inc.

We truly believe IT should be easy!